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Visa Promotion

Visa Promotion



A Special Promotion to Thank you for a wonderful year!


RECEIVE A $500 GIFT CARD for Buying or Selling !!!




Here is “How It Works”


List or buy your home with me and have the home close and fund by no later than 12/31/17. The minimum contract price for the home must be no less than $150,000 and be located in the

Streeterville area that I am able to service.


What’s the Catch?


No Catch, it is my promotional gift to you for using me to help you sell and/or buy your home. At closing, you will be presented with a $500 gift card of your choice, either Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or retailer of your choosing.





What if I already have my home with another real estate agency and/or real estate agent?


As much as I would like to earn your business, but if you are already in a listing or buying commitment with that agency and/or real estate agent then I am unable to help at this time.


What do you mean by closed and funded?


This refers to the home(s) that were listed or represented by myself must complete the sales process, be closed by a title agency, and funded by the appropriate financial resources or institutions where there is a transfer of real property. Unfortunately, contracts that are not completed whether it is from inspections, appraisals, financial institutions declines, contract terms not met by either party may be situations where this could impact closing. As your Realtor, I will do my very best to ensure we overcome any obstacles throughout the process, there are times that these do occur and unable to be overcome.


Can I have the $500 applied to my closing costs or other fees associated with the contract?


Unfortunately, this is a promotional offer that is provided in the form of a gift card as an offer by my representation of your home(s).


What if I do not want the gift card and would rather have it go to a charity of my choice?


Absolutely, I am happy to make a charitable donation in your name to the charity of your choice. Or you can use the gift card at a time better for you and have the charity withdraw the $500 as a donation. Many charities today do accept major credit cards or gift cards displaying the VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover logos.


What if I do not sell my home or do not find the home that I am looking for? Do I still get a $500 gift card for at least trying?


Unfortunately, part of the promotional offer is for homes that are sold or purchased at a minimum contract price of $150,000 by 12/31/17.  As much as I would love to be able to give everyone $500 for trying my services, unfortunately the promotion is limited to those contracts that are closed and funded by 12/31/17 and represented by me.


If I have additional questions or concerns on this promotional offer, who do I contact?


I am always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have on this offer. This is a “no gimmick” offer, this offer will be part of your listing/buying contract to guarantee you that at the closing and funding of your sale/purchase by 12/31/17 is a $500 gift card of your choice. Again, you are welcome to choose a VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or retailer of your choice.